Add facebook customer chat to webpage with dialog window closed

24. January 2019

Anonymize old _gaq or ga

1. October 2018





Bootstrap – nice to know

10. September 2018

All you need to know?

Live result:



A simple accordion menu using BEM classes

2. September 2018






Live result:


Add Class trigger event in Google Tag Manager

27. August 2018

  1. Workspace
  2. Variables
  3. Built-In Variables -> Configure
  4. Add, Click Classes, Click Element, Click ID

Then go to Triggers

  1. New
  2. Name the Trigger
  3. Click the ‘Pen’
  4. Add ‘All Elements’ (under Click section)
  5. Change to ‘Some Clicks’
  6. Add: Click Classes, matches RegEx, classname (if multiple classes, use: classname1|classname2|classname3)
  7. Add: Click Classes, equals, button

Then go to Tags and give the Trigger to you Tag.

Remember to Submit your changes

Anonymize IP in Google Tag Manager

27. August 2018

To set IP anonymization in GTM do this:

  • Open the tag that fires the GA pageview click the pencil at the top corner to edit the tag
  • Expand “More settings” (if you don’t see it check Enable overriding settings in this tag)
  • Expand “Fields to set
  • Click on Add a field and configure it like this:
    • Field name: anonymizeIp
    • Value: true
  • Save and publish the changes

Just remember that when you anonymize the IP your IP filters won’t work. So you should either change the last octet of your IP filters to 0 (which may filter more IPs that you need) or use a dynamic way of filtering your internal traffic, for example, using cookies.


UPDATE: the best way to apply anonymizeIp to all your GA tags is to do it from the “Google Analytics Settings” variable, that way you won’t have to override the field on each tag.


If you haven’t created this variable follow this steps:

To set up a new Google Analytics Settings Variable in GTM:

  1. Select New Variable…
  2. In the Variable Configuration screen, enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID.
  3. Cookie Domain: Leave this value set to “auto“, unless you set the cookie domain differently on other tags.
  4. Click More Settings to add anonimizeIP.
  5. Expand “Fields to set
  6. Click on Add a field and configure it like this:
    • Field name: anonymizeIp
    • Value: true
  7. Click Save.

Now select this variable on all your GA tags.

Site is under construction

24. August 2018

Use this to ‘close’ the site.


Simple landingpage

16. July 2018


How to prevent google from indexing pdf

18. June 2018

Add to your robots.txt file:

Using WordPress, easily use Yoast Seo -> Tools. If you cant find ‘File Editor’ under Tools, then your wordpress installation has ‘disablefile editing’ on.

Then you have to upload (or edit) the robots.txt to the root folder in your wordpress installation.

Check your robots.txt using:

How to change ‘icon’ on Olark chat

4. June 2018



Jekyll nice to know

28. May 2018

– control+c (stop server)

-jekyll serve (start server) –watch

-jekyll new My Blog —blank (new blank page)



Git commands

20. April 2018

Dummy Text Snippet

20. April 2018

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Work with a WP-Engine site

20. April 2018

Work with a site that uses wp-engine:

1. Logg in:

2. Go to: Wp Engine

3. Copy from LIVE to STAGING

4. Clone repo from bitbucket to local using Tower

5. Go to, log in, find customer xxxxxx

6. SFTP users: find address and port number (2222), add settings to PhpStorm.

PHP Storm Shortcuts

20. April 2018