Gradient border

13. September 2019

Add a loading.gif to a element

12. October 2018

For example:

Nice to know SASS media mixin

13. September 2018


Stylus – nice to know

21. August 2018

Stylus supports interpolation by using the {} characters to surround an expression, which then becomes part of the identifier. For example, -webkit-{'border' + '-radius'} evaluates to -webkit-border-radius.

You need node.js first, so you can install stylus package. Run: “sudo npm install stylus -g”

To start watch Stylus:
stylus –watch ./stylus/ –out ./css
Remember that Whitespace is significant when writing Stylus.
Some examples in Stylus:

Becomes in CSS:


Center image inside div with overflow hidden

24. July 2018




Styling a checkbox

6. July 2018

For example..


CSS nice to know

12. June 2018