Project Exam 2

16. June 2019

My last and final school project.
Brief of the assignment:
Make a website or application for a real world client. The project should offer a significant enough scope to be able to show off your skills as a developer, and hopefully the project can form a central part of your portfolio for when you start applying for jobs.
The process followed for the project will differ depending on the client and the requirements of their project.

This is my final result:

Portfolio 2

28. April 2019

In this assignment, you are going to select 3 of the best compulsory assignments that you have previously submitted (note that the assignments must have been marked ‘passed’). You’re then going to work on making improvements to them, using the feedback received from your teacher and your own self-assessment.

The marking will be done by a vocational panel with internal and external proficient personnel.

JavaScript Frameworks

31. March 2019

Brief of the assignment:

In this course assignment we will be using the assignment which we created in the JavaScript 1 course. Please ensure that this is a single page application. For this assignment you are can choose one of the three Frameworks in the list below:

  1. Vue.js
  2. React.js
  3. Angular.js


I did the assignment in ReactJS. 

Live result here 
user: thomas
pass: 123

Workflow 2

24. February 2019

This course was mainly about understanding DevOps and understanding the different tools that a Front End Developer would use: Browserify, Budo, Webpack, Grunt & Gulp, NPM, Yarn, Yeoman etc.

Brief of the assignment:
There is a theory and practical to this assignment in which you will be required to demonstrate the DevOps knowledge you have gained throughout the course.


Startup Bootcamp

27. January 2019

Entrepreneurship is an important vocational skill to learn as it teaches you how to plan, understand the stakeholders in a business, and how to innovate to get the maximum result for your efforts. Even if you don’t go on to start your own business, gaining the perspective of a business start up will be invaluable in your career.

Brief of the assignment:
In this assignment we where working in a group with other students from around the country. 
We where suppose to come up with a business ide to learn how to start your own business. 

My group and I created ‘Hjelp Oss’ and mobil app and website for people in need of help with everyday tasks like shopping, washing and so on.


JavaScript 2

13. October 2018

Live result here (yes I know, the design is horrible, but that was the assignment…)

Brief of the assignment:
You will be tested on various aspects of advanced JavaScript. This will include advanced DOM manipulation, HTML canvas and AJAX. Please pay close attention on how your solutions are to be submitted.